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Pricing Plans

Based on market demand, we have created 3 packages that will cover all your business needs.

Basic Websites


10 Pages Responsive Website

Basic SEO Optimization

Social Media Integration

Custom Domain Support

Monthly Traffic Reports

Launch Your Site

iOS/Android Apps


Custom App Design

Custom Functionality & Interactivity

App Store and Google Play Submission

Push Notifications

Custom User Analytics

Build Your App

Web App/Software


Custom Software Development

Advanced Interactive Features

User Account Management

Enhanced Security Measures

Dedicated Support

Develop Advanced Solutions

Included in all plans plans:

GitHub and CLI Deploys

Automatically deploy every time you push every change to your repo.

Database Management Console

Easily manage your database with a built-in UI. Add tables and edit data with ease.

Usage Limits

Set maximum limits on usage to keep your application running smoothly and predictably.

Wildcard Domains

Support for wildcard domains enables you to manage multiple subdomains under a single domain.

Zero-downtime Deploys

Deploy new versions of your application without affecting your current users and traffic.

Lightning Fast Builds

Enjoy faster build times with optimized pipelines that ensure quick turnaround for development cycles.

Secrets and Local Dev Experience

Keep development, staging, and production environments separate with encrypted secrets management.

Real-time Logs and Metrics

Access real-time logs and metrics to monitor the health and performance of your applications.

Instant Rollbacks

Quickly rollback to previous versions if a new deploy fails or causes issues.

Shared Variables

Define environment variables that are shared across multiple components or services in your project.

Free SSL

Secure your website with SSL encryption automatically applied to your domains at no extra cost.

Design and Graphics

Get access to premium design templates and customizable graphics to enhance your web presence.

Message from our Co-Founders

Ghanashyam Gautam

At GorkhaTech, we prioritize affordability and reliability, believing that everyone deserves access to technology that does not just meet their needs but exceeds their expectations without breaking the bank

Ghanashyam Gautam, Co-Founder / Software Engineer

Tika Kuikel

At GorkhaTech, we harness cutting-edge technology to transform your visionary projects into reality, ensuring top-tier quality at prices that make it accessible to all.

Tika Kuikel, Co-Founder / Software Engineer

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